Brief Screening Criteria

The application fee is $42.00 per adult. Our screening is processed by Resident Screening Services through On-site or Please Make check payable to KruseWay Commons. If you have questions on your screening, On-site can be reached at – Renter Relations (877) 222-0384.
To hold an apartment off the market for you, we will need a reservation hold of $200.00 made out to KruseWay Commons. Upon move in, this will be applied to your security deposit. Please note that if you choose to cancel your application prior to taking possession the $200.00 reservation deposit is Non-Refundable.
The minimum requirements for acceptance without additional requirements* are as follows:
▪ The combination of all applicant’s gross monthly income must be at lease three times the total monthly rent amount.
▪ Applicant must have worked at their place of employment, or in a related field, for at least two years. If you do not fall within these guidelines we can work with you.
▪ Applicant must provide favorable rental or homeowner history for a period of two years (minimum).
▪ Each application process includes a credit check. Adverse credit history may be grounds for denial or additional requirements* (additional deposit, guarantor, or additional roommate(s)).
▪ A public records search is conducted on each applicant. If a felony or other conviction that may pose a threat to the community is found, the applicant will be denied. (Please ask for details on background check as we do a minimum 10 year review)
▪ * “Additional Requirements” means that a guarantor or additional security deposit may be required.
Occupancy Guidelines are as follows:
-      1 Bedroom or 1 Bedroom w/ Den                  Three Persons
-      Two Bedroom                                                 Five Persons
-      Three Bedroom                                               Seven Persons
Should you have any additional questions, please contact us for further information.  Phone (503) 697-7997  
Thank you for choosing KruseWay!