How to Create the Perfect Cheese Board

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Cheese BoardIf you're considering hosting a wine tasting or other type of social gathering in your apartment in Lake Oswego, you're probably interested in learning how to craft the perfect cheese board to complement the affair. Cheese boards can also serve as appetizer courses for dinner parties or as components of classic cocktail parties, so you don't have to be a wine lover to include them in your social entertaining. Following are the basics of crafting a great cheese board.

Select a Variety of Cheeses

Cheeses come in a large variety of flavors and textures, so include the ones that best complement the other culinary aspects of your gathering. If you're hosting a wine tasting with a focus on Pacific Northwest white wines, for instance, keep the cheeses fairly white and light so they won't clash with the wines. If you're serving a rich red meat roast as an entrée at a dinner party, make sure your cheese board has plenty of hearty cheddar cheese. However, always keep in mind that extremely heavy, strong-smelling cheeses may overpower others if they are placed in too close proximity to them, so keep your strong cheeses confined to a separate plate.

Use a Separate Knife for Each Cheese

Always ensure that each type of cheese is provided with its own cheese knife that is kept separate from the others. Be sure to have sharp knives such as paring knives for aged, hard cheeses. If you don't have special cheese knives for soft cheeses, use butter knives. You should also label each cheese so that guests don't have to keep asking you what they are. 

Provide Accompaniments 

Even the best cheeses should be served with accompaniments such as nuts, honeys, breads, fruit, and crackers. These provide texture, flavor, and interest, so be sure to have plenty on hand. You can also have a selection of cured meats, smoked salmon, and condiments such as gourmet mustard and berry preserves—don't be afraid to be creative. You'll have plenty of local ingredients, including hazelnuts, fruit compotes, and smoked salmon to choose from. 

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