Apartment Cleaning Tips For A Rainy Day

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Living in the Northwest means dealing with a fair number of rainy days. That gives residents of our Kruseway Commons apartments in Portland, OR, the chance to tackle those places typically skipped on a normal cleaning day. Here are some reminders of things you might have overlooked. Why not get them done while the rain pours down?

Tackle Your Garbage Disposal

You use it for everything from seafood to that old grease you don’t remember cooking anything in. Yet most people don’t think about taking the time to give their garbage disposal a good cleaning.

Garbage Disposal Cleaning Methods

  • Pour in a mixture of baking soda and distilled vinegar
  • Add cut-up lemons
  • Pour in mild bleach while the disposal is running
  • Use a wire brush on the inside
  • Add a store-bought cleansing solution

Take the time to get rid of the gunk as well as that smell you’ve been trying to ignore. It’s a good idea to tackle this at least once a month, especially if you use your garbage disposal a lot.

Wipe Down Your Windows

You might be having difficulty looking outside at the rain through the grime built up on your windows. You can go ahead and clean the inside portion even if the rain prevents you from getting to the outside. Don’t forget to wipe away any dust from the windowsill.

Clean Your Coffee Maker

Your coffee maker takes care of you every morning by giving you a much-needed energy jolt. Use your downtime to return the favor by brewing a solution of water and vinegar to clean it. Follow that up with two cycles of water-only brewing to remove any leftover hints of vinegar.

Organize Your Pantry

If you find yourself blankly trying to remember when you bought the bag of powdered sugar you’re always moving out of the way, it’s time to clean out your pantry. Take the time to go through everything from front to back. Get rid of any rusty dented cans or torn packages regardless of the expiration date.

We want residents of our Portland, OR apartments to feel comfortable on even the worst weather days. Let us know how we can help by calling (844) 222-2681.

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