What’s Wabi-Sabi? Learn About this Latest Decor Trend

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Creating a simple and elegant living space doesn’t always mean striving for perfection. The Japanese décor style called Wabi-Sabi embraces that idea and here are some tips we hope our Kruseway Commons community residents in Oswego, Oregon, enjoy.

Don’t Fight Father Time

The term “Wabi” loosely means humility in English and “Sabi” speaks to accepting the flawed world as real and not in need of fixing. When applying these ideas to your living space, items that have a weathered and worn appearance are valued. Many American country-styled homes embrace faux-aged furniture. The Japanese décor process would seek out those items that have aged naturally and possess an inherent beauty all their own. Time isn’t something to battle back. Wabi-Sabi sees the past as part of the present and future.

Homemade Items Have Value

Store-bought, manufactured items tend to be perfect in appearance. Straight lines, sparkling finishes and vibrant colors are wonderful. However, the Wabi-Sabi approach places a high value on things that you and your loved ones create regardless of so-called “imperfections.”

What could add more authenticity to your living space than a quilt made by a valued elder, painting from a youngster or ceramic pots you create at a local facility. Mainstream culture tends to put more value on well-crafted, mass-produced items than those that have added personal value. Shift your thinking and personalize décor choices.

Unclutter Your World

Reading up on the most recent spring cleaning ideas can become redundant after a gazillion years. Much of traditional Japanese culture places a high emphasis on clean, clear and uncluttered spaces.

The Wabi-Sabi style encourages a minimalist approach to living spaces. The notion that a space needs something to fill it is replaced by a vision of openness and a sense of freedom to move around. As a result, Wabi-Sabi interiors tend to feel more spacious and enjoy a calming vibe.

Bring The Outdoors Indoors

In recent years, scientists have drawn a strong connection between outdoors immersion and mindful well-being. The Japanese go as far as to employ “forest bathing” as a rehabilitation method for patients. The underlying idea is that your connection to nature and the natural world helps ground you in everyday life. It makes us feel better. The Wabi-Sabi approach is to bring vibrant plant life into your home.

Whether you like cactus, seasonal flowering plants or year-round greenery, bringing nature into your Wabi-Sabi living space will help provide a sense of comfort and calm.

We hope our Kruseway Commons community residents enjoy these Wabi-Sabi ideas. If you or a friend would like more information about our Oswego apartments, call us today.

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