How to Make Your Living Space Unique to You

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Even when you live in a space that you rent instead of own, you can still make your home different and comfortable. While you don't want to make any permanent changes to the apartment, you can use your creativity in your Lake Oswego apartment and make the space unique to you. Enjoy your living space by creating an environment you love to come home to.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting in any rental unit will be sufficient, but it isn't going to make your apartment unique. Pay attention to the lighting, and use small accent lamps to brighten up dark areas. Soft lighting will make areas feel cozy and can be used just about anywhere to make your space different.

Take the Time to Decorate

Many people don't bother to do much decorating in their apartment. Find some fun art, and decorate your space. If you leave your walls blank, it is going to be a boring space. Frame some pictures of loved ones and place them strategically around your apartment. When you want to feel like you are home, decorate the apartment with things you love.

Use Quality Window Treatments

Good window treatment make a big difference in your living space. While you may already have blinds in every window, consider enhancing the window with some curtains or drapes. Different hardware can look great, and you are only limited by your imagination. This will bring color to your apartment and help make your space look finished.

Throw Rugs Make a Big Impacts 

Throw rugs give you the ability to put spots of color all over your apartment. Even when you already have a rug, a well-placed throw rug can give you the added color you want. Throw rugs are affordable and easy to clean, and they provide you with floor covering options even when you can't make permanent changes.

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