Tips for Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Apartment

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Keeping your apartment as clean and germ-free as possible is an important part of staying healthy reducing your risk of illness. You don’t have to devote a ton of time to cleaning and disinfecting your home if you get into the habit of doing these tasks regularly. Use the following tips to help you eliminate germs from your apartment.

Disinfect Commonly Touched Objects and Surfaces Frequently

Certain objects in your home, such as doorknobs and light switches, can harbor a lot of germs since they’re touched often. Personal items, such as your phone, and countertops and other commonly used surfaces also need to be cleaned regularly to get rid of bacteria and other germs. Spend time disinfecting these objects daily to reduce the number of germs that build up.


Use the Right Cleaning Products

You can use disinfectant wipes, a multi-purpose cleaner with a disinfecting agent, or rubbing alcohol with a concentration of at least 70 percent to kill germs. Keep in mind that the objects or surfaces you clean should stay wet or damp for a minimum of 30 seconds or as long as recommended on the label. To make sure countertops, sinks, doorknobs, and similar surfaces are as clean as possible, you can also wash them with soap and water before disinfecting them. This helps get rid of more germs overall.


Disinfect Your Home Safely

If you’re disinfecting items with bleach, make sure you follow the directions on the label closely. You should have a window open or an exhaust fan running to help get rid of the fumes. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t combine bleach with any other cleaner, especially ammonia since this can be dangerous.


Clean Furniture and Carpeting

Softer surfaces can be covered in germs as well. You can disinfect carpets, furniture, and similar surfaces using products that are safe to use depending on the type of material you’re dealing with. You can also wash bedding and other linens regularly to eliminate germs.


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